Why You should choose us

Over 20 years of experience

We have almost 25 years experience in software development. Our Oracle experience reaches back to 1984 - almost 20 years ago. During those 25 years we have considered, seriously, what it takes to be successful in software development and feel we have the formula. Software development is exciting, vibrant and always changing. These attribute have kept us interested and excited about our work for every day of those 20 years. If you have a project you need completed on-time and with a high level of quality, or you have a problem you need solved, call us. We will bring every bit of experience to your project: all of our lessons and all of our successes.

Simple Approach to Development and Problem Solving

Our approach is too keep focus on your business needs. We will not try to develop extraneous functionality or to over complicate your projects. When meeting with us, buzz words will be held to a minimum and focus will remain on the business problem you are trying to solve. We want you to succeed because we will succeed as well.

Do You Think Your Software Project Will Cost You Too Much Money? Talk to us first

We want to do your projects for you. We want you to succeed. We understand that most development costs too much because it is over-scoped, over-complicated and over-priced. We will create a plan for you that will address all three of these issues: a scope that serves your business, a simple and rational priority based approach and rates that are very reasonable. Before you consider sending work overseas, contact Nitroy Computing Services and let us tell you what we can do for you.