Database Architecture

For 20 years we have designed databases and ETL processes for both OLTP and OLAP applications. Our experience includes a varied cross section of industries and uses. We are certain that we have the experience to apply to your data architecture needs.

Application Development

We apply a proven, team driven approach to software development. This approach balances the proven aspects of good software development and project management (i.e. we still believe the software development life cycle is valid: analyze, design, test, refine) with techniques that meet the standards of today's global and competitive markets (short deliverable cycles, full team involvement ...) We create a synergistic team environment that increases quality, and shortens turn-around. Software development professionals love working on our projects and our customers are always satisfied.

Performance Tuning

Since 1984 we have worked in Oracle. We know quite a bit about tuning database applications. However, understanding how Oracle works is only part of the picture. We have a problem solving process that is sound, rational and proven. Our customers have been impressed with our ability to tune applications and find problems that have existed for months and even years in their systems.

Data Management

Managing data is fun! We actually like writing queries, determining how to move massive amounts of data, converting data from one system to another or cleaning and standardizing data. It is the love of data combined with our ability to rationally analyze that makes us such a good choice to manage your data.