Our Philosophies

Most Software Consulting firms charge you too much

We think software consulting is too expensive and there is a link between this and the recent trend to "off-shore". If you are considering an off-shoring project, please call us instead. We can deliver for you and we can be competitive with off-shore costs. Let us tell you how.

Software Projects often times are over scoped

So many data warehouses and real time transactional systems are overbuilt and contain so much data that will never be or will rarely be used. Start with a smaller scope, keeping in mind - strategically - that you will grow you software. Develop the most useful aspects first, quickly and well. Then add functionality and data, incrementally, keeping in mind your original strategic design.

"KISS" Still applies

As with managing your scope, keep the software simple. It is the best formula for success. Resist the temptation to add something that will give you marginal value and will cost you a lot out of your development cycle. "Pick the low hanging fruit." You know all the clichés, we do not need to list them all.

Solving Problems is an Art. Find the problem, don't guess

We have a proven method for problem solving and tuning. It is about dissecting the problem. Observe your system and collect data. Use proven methods to hone in on the source of the problem. If it's tuning, find out what transactions are taking the most gross time and percentage time. If it's a bug, break the system into it's parts rationally and determine the source. Problem solving is a beautiful mix of rational thought and creativity. Intuition is tempting to follow but rarely leads to the answer.

What is your primary goal? Know what it takes to succeed

We believe in meeting the needs of your business, supporting the core functions of your business and providing tools to to manage your business. We will increase productivity and lower costs by accurately reporting and analyzing your business metrics.